Woodturning Studio

Stop by and shop or watch the chips fly. Call ahead for an appointment in case I have gone fishin’

About Our Studio

My 30 x 60 foot building houses my warehouse, shop tools and gallery space.

Plenty of room for lathes, saws, planers, sanders, drill press, etc.

Workshops & Guest Artists

There is nothing more rewarding than helping a student get to the “a-ha” moment when the tool is doing exactly what it was intended.

Private & Group Events

I can do one on one, or up to about 4 students at a time. I have 2 lathes so more than 2 students at a time would have to share a lathe.

Art For Sale

Lots of pieces ready to ship in the gallery. Come take a look.

Happy Students

Every student will end up taking something away after a lesson here.

Send me a note here.

I will get back to you soon as I am able.

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Call Us

(+1) 737 932 1000
(+1) 903 536 4397

5369 County Road 2161, Centerville, TX


5369 CR 2161, Centerville, TX 75833